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Workshops / Teaching


Constantin is giving workshops and teaching dance classes for professional companies, dance school students, and non-professionals.

The covered styles are ballet, repertory, contemporary dance  improvisation, and composition. Following a 9 years long classical dance education in Vaganova method at the Bucharest Dance High School, he pursued a long career as performer in companies covering a wide range of physical and artistical expression. He furthered his studies receiving an MA in pedagogy with the thesis "A fluid perspective on dance training" and he is currently a PhD candidate in Applied Cultural Studies at Art University Linz.  


Some of the places where he has taught are Conservatorio Music Jobra, Iwanson International Contemporary Dance School Munich, Tanzbüro Basel, Kaohsiung City Ballet, Chia Chi Junior High School Tainan, IG Tanz Sankt Gallen,  Theater Sankt Gallen, Hongeun Art Centre Seoul, Zuoying Senior High School in Kaohsiung, Bruckner University Linz, Tanz Linz. During the season 2013/2014 he has been choreographic assistant and training master at the Dance Company of Theatre Sankt Gallen in Switzerland under the directorship of Marco Santi. In the season 2016/2017 he has worked as rehearsal director and training master at Landestheater Linz, and he is a part time teacher for the MA studies at IDA, Bruckner University in Linz. 



Constantin is developing new methods of teaching addressed at different types of participants. He is developing tools aimed at gaining a profound control of the body, as well as approaching movement with solid knowledge and creative confidence.The training proposes specific tasks directly related to  the level of the students or professional dancers, from beginners to advanced. Custom trainings are developed and implemented according to the level and needs of each group and of the participant individuals. Floor work, release technique, somatics, improvisation, as well as classical dance training, are some of the main directions, combined with a personal perspective on movement which he developed through years of working with different artists and as part of various projects. 

Another type of workshops is directed at improvisation and composition, focusing on using creative tools for performers and choreographers. 











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