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Studied dance from 1983 till 1992 at "Floria Capsalli" Choreography High School in Bucharest, Romania. 

MA in Dance Pedagogy at IDA, Bruckner University in Linz, Austria.

Currently a PhD candidate at University of Arts in Linz. 



2022-2023 Part time teacher at MA studies of Institute of Dance Arts, Anton Bruckner University Linz

2023 Choreographic supervisor for "Traumzeit" at Landestheater Linz

2021-2023 Guest trainer at Landestheater Linz (Classical and Contemporary Dance)

2021 Choreographic supervisor for "The Garden" at Landestheater Linz

2019 Contemporary dance teacher at IDA, Bruckner University in Linz, Austria


2016-2017 Choreography assistant and rehearsal director at Landestheater Linz


2015 Artist in residency at Barker Teatteri, Turun Vapaan Taiteen Näyttämö, Finland


2015 Artist in residency at Godsbänen Theatre in Aarhus, Denmark


2014 Artist in residency at Radnet in Tromso, Norway.


2014 Artist in residency at HONGEUN ART CENTRE in Seoul, South Korea


2013-2014 Choreography assistant and rehearsal director at Theater Sankt Gallen in Switzerland


2012 Artist in residency at TEATRO VIRIATO in Viseu, Portugal


2012 CPI member, a cultural exchange during a 6 months residency offered by SIDance and the Korean Ministery of Culture in Seoul, South Korea 


2012 Video artist in residency at MEJERIET in Odense, Denmark


2010-2013 Performed in creations by Beatrice Massin, Davide Sportelli, Johannes Härtl, Minka-Marie Heiss in Munich, Prague, Bratislava, Bremen, Brno, Seoul, Busan, Taipei, Tainan


2007-2010 TANZTHEATER BREMEN, director Urs Dietrich. Choreographies by Emanuel Gat, Tero Saarinen, Ingun Biornsgaard, Rami Be'er


2005-2007 STAATSTHEATER BRAUNSCHWEIG, director Hans-Henning Paar. Choreographies by Marco Goecke, David Williams, Gayetano Soto


2003-2005 STAATSTHEATER SAARBRÜCKEN, director Marguerite Donlon. Choreographies by Christian Spuck, Constanza Macras, Martino Müller


2001-2003 STADTTHEATER AUGSBURG, director Jochen Heckmann.Choreographies by Kyle Bukhary, Gabriel Ken-Wong


1998-2001 "OLEG DANOVSCHI" STATE THEATRE CONSTANTA, Romania. Choreographies by Christine Bastin, Gigi Caciuleanu, Sergiu Anghel, Romulus Neagu


1993-1998 ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA HOUSE, Bucharest. Solo roles in "Swan lake", "Coppelia", Giselle", "La fille mal gardee", "La Bayadere", "Paquita", "Romeo and Juliet"




2022 “With and without” (TanzQuelle, Munich) Choreography and Soundtrack 

2022 “Room of Wondering” - Shared evening with Damian Cortes Alberti (Redsapata Linz)

2022 “Rolling by the river”  - Co-choreographer with Damian Cortes Alberti (Linz, Vienna)


2021 “Tactile Talk” - Choreography, Video, Performance (Odense, Linz)

2021 "The Garden" Choreography supervisor, Landestheater Linz

2021 "Wind" choreography for Kaohsiung City Ballet

2020 "Fire" choreography for Kaohsiung City Ballet

2019 "Water" choreography for Kaohsiung City Ballet

2019 "La creation d'une Monde" dance video presented at Brucknerhaus in Linz

2019 "Love.Fly.Little Princess" choreography for Tainan City Ballet


2018 "Breath" choreography for Kaohsiung City Ballet


2017 “Light” choreography and video design for Kaohsiung City Ballet

2017 "Peak to peak" video artist and choreographer, collaboration with Vlad Stãnculeasa and James Maddox

2016 “Heart’s Map” choreography for Tainan City Ballet, Taiwan

2016 “Die kleine Meerjungfrau” video artist for Mei Hong Lin’s choreography at Landestheater Linz, Austria

2015 “Water drop in the fish-eye” video artist, dance video choreographed & directed by Batarita 

2015 “Pepetuum...” video artist, dance video in collaboration with Romulus Neagu

2015 “Layers of us” video artist, collaboration with Taneli Törmä and Nille Bech

2015 "Nutcracker" choreographer and video artist, for Kaoshiung City Ballet


2015 "Black Side" video artist, collaboration with Taneli Törmä and Søren Lyngsø Knudsen


2015 "Alice in Wonderland" choreographer and video artist, for Tainan City Ballet


2015 "See me, hear me" improvisation and composition workshop with final presentation for students of Jobra Dance Conservatory in Branca, Portugal


2015 "Ladies and Fans" choreography for Kaohsiung City Ballet


2014 "Legacy" choreography for "The very secret dance company" in Turin, Italy


2014 "BODY / MAPS" Interactive performance/installation at HONGEUN ART CENTRE in Seoul, South Korea after a three months choreographic residency


2014 “Coppelia” choreography, at Kaohsiung City Ballet, Taiwan


2013 “Today in Sankt Gallen” dance-theatre improvisation evening at Theater St.Gallen, Switzerland


2013 “Dialogue” collaboration with Shane Yuan, performed in Taiwan and South Korea


2013 "Symptom Tanz" teacher of a video workshop for high-school students, in collaboration with THEATER BREMEN


2013 “Tanz im Alter” video documentary about the dance improvisation workshop of Hella Immler with people between 50 and 80 years old.


2013 “PENGUINS & PANDAS” video projection, choreography by Samir Akika for Theatre BREMEN, Germany (with Till Botterweck)


2013 “Stand” video dance, Top 10 at 60 Seconds Dance Competition in Denmark 


2012 “Real shapes make mistakes” improvisation and composition workshop with final presentation for students of Jobra Dance Conservatory in Branca, Portugal


2012 “-IN-LINE-” solo created for SIDance Festival in Seoul, South Korea


2012 “Intension&Intention” , collaboration with Batarita, Adedayo Liadi, Shang-Jen Yuan, for SIDance Festival


2012 “8220” , collaboration with 6 international choreographers as part of the residence offered by CPI, Seoul


2012 “Echo”, a live video dance installation, developed and performed together with Audrey Van Herck and Alberto Franceschini as part of “25 Years Tanztendenz-München”


2012 “Everyday is Sunday” , choreographer and director of a video dance


2012 “Tracker” , a video dance in collaboration with Taneli Torma


2012 “Aschermittwoch” a video production choreographed by Alberto Franceschini and David Russo. Filmed inside the Frauenkirche in Munich has been presented in Muffathalle, Munich


2011 “Shiny” , video design for a choreography by Exequiel Barreras at Theatre CHUR, Switzerland


2011 “Fracta #2” , a video-dance performance for 9 dancers as a conclusion of a one week workshop together with Raffaele Irace, in Bussana Vecchia (Italy)


2011 “P&C Wien”, choreography for mapping projection, with URBANSCREEN


2011 “Sliced” , choreographer and director. Dance video exhibited at Museo Civico in Treviso, Centre Pompidou in Paris, etc. 


2010 “Run” , choregrapher and video designer, at THEATRE BREMEN


2010 “Hidden”, video design for a video-dance production of Theater Bremen and Arts Council Korea by Mimi Jeong


2010 “Spacing” , choreography, mapping projection of URBANSCREEN, Bremen for “Internationale Tanztage Münster”


2009 “Grenzfläche” , choreographer, art director and performer. Mapping projection, with URBANSCREEN 


2008 “Remake” , choregrapher, performer and video designer, a production of THEATER BREMEN. A video-dance performance created together with Mimi Jeong


2007 “Missing link” , choreography and video design at Staatstheater Braunschweig


2006 “Landschaft mit Sturz” , choreography and video design at Staatstheater Braunschweig


2005 “Platine B2” , sound and choreography installation, a production of Staatstheater Saarbrücken together with Susanne Striegler, Marc Käuble, Camelia Neagu


2000 “Lesson in loneliness” , choreography for Madalina Dan





2019 UNIsono Masterpreis for the MA Thesis “A fluid perspective on dance training”


2014 Second Prize and Cinema Prize at "Choreographic Captures Competition" in Munich with the short video "Stand"


2013 Second Prize at One-minute Jumping Frames Dance Video Competition with the short film "SLICED"


2011 Prize for innovation, “IDILL-International competition for films of movement and dance” with the short film “SLICED”


2009 “IDILL” Main Prize, International competition for films of movement and dance with the short film “SPIN!”


2000 Choreography Prize, International Dance Competition Constanta, Romania


1998 Grand Prix for classical dance and First Prize for contemporary dance, International Dance Competition Constanta, Romania 






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